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Main Photo Bespoke 6.jpgWe are excited to offer complete solutions for all your joinery needs. We are able to design and manufacture joinery for all areas of your development or home. Inspired Joinery produces products using modern CNC machinery which when combined with proven traditional techniques provide precision made items time after time. Examples of recent projects we have worked with clients on include but are not limited to:  Oak Panelled Rooms, Porches, Reception Desks, Reception Counters, Radiussed, Arched or to template. Lantern Lights, Louvre’s, Gates, Kitchens, Conservatories, Orangeries, Furniture and Balconies. If it can be made in wood we are inspired to make it. We can design, manufacture and create your vision and ideas or recreate and reproduce an existing item. Not only do with have an experienced team with a huge skillbase of traditional techniques but we also have fully trained CNC machining operatives with our CNC Router enabling our highly skilled staff to manufacture to exacting tolerances time after time.
In the joinery industry it may not be efficient or cost effective to make some products by hand. On a CNC machine it is possible to make hundreds or even thousands of the same item in a greatly reduced time. This enables us to price competitively, saving our clients money and giving them peace of mind the exact measurements are programmed and implemented to their design. We can easily groove solid worktops for draining boards and accurately cut out the space for all types and sizes of Belfast sinks
First a design is drawn using design software, then it is processed by the computer and manufactured using the CNC machine. We can produce House Signs/numbers, Event Signage, Birth or Wedding Keepsake Signs in any Timber of your choice. Any Shapes for craft working. As we work closely with our clients we are happy to produce an MDF template so they can see exactly the style they are getting before committing to a personalised piece. As everything is bespoke, we can personalise anything to your requirements whether it is staircase going to your children’s playroom with each of their names engraved on each step or a dresser or table with a personalization on the side or on the front of a drawer for example. Let your mind wander and dream and leave us inspired to create the bespoke pieces that make your house a home.

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